Rules and Requirements
How to reserve a Moonwalk
Joust Decide what unit(s) you want and what date before you call.
— Have an alternative in mind.

Have a credit card in hand when you call to reserve ($50.00 for security deposit).

You need to call to book a reservation (706) 557-9509.
— Online requests are for information requests only.

Our delivery personal's schedule is filled on a first come, first serve basis.
Customer Requirements and Rules for Rental
Castle II Never Leave Unit Unattended By an Adult.

Each unit/jumper requires a 20' x 25' FLAT GRASSY area.

Power within 100' of jumper(s). Each unit/jumper needs 10 amps.

If pets are present, they must be restrained at all times.

15-20 minutes must be allowed to set up each unit.

30-40 minutes must be allowed to break down and roll unit.

Units must be clean, rolled, and bagged before customer returns it.
(For customer pick-up option only)

Turn off blower if the winds are in excess of 20 mph.

Customer must provide access for unit if it is delivered.

Customer MUST return units(s) on time to avoid penalty.

Children must remove shoes before entering the moonwalk/jumper/unit or slide.

No sharp objects, eyeglasses, pins, belt buckles, etc.

No gum, candy, or silly string are to be allowed on unit - if the unit returns extremely dirty your deposit will be kept as a cleaning fee.

No flipping or wrestling.

No climbing walls or netting.

Do not allow children to unplug the blower unit.
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