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We pride ourselves on being full service. We have tried to think of everything you may need to make your event an easy success. Listed below find information about popcorn, cotton candy, and sno-cone machines and their supplies as well as generators, string-lights and extra drop cords on reels.
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Popcorn Popper
Popcorn Supplies
Popcorn Machine
Popcorn Snap Pak's for 6 oz.
Popcorn Bags
This 6 oz. Popcorn Machine Produces 120 servings per hour. These units have warmers to keep popcorn warn and fresh.

The Ultra Sixty Special Popcorn Popper Gold Medal popcorn popping machine. With an E-Z Kleen Kettle for easy cleanup and high popping capacity. A stainless steel kettle shell and double hung arms make for easy kettle removal.
$2 per bag includes single serve popcorn bags (8 servings per bag). Snap Pak's for 6 oz.

Ready to use 6 oz. Popcorn Pack includes: Popcorn, Coconut Oil, and Flavored Salt.

Sno Cone Machine
Sno Cone Flavors
Quart $8.00 or Gallon $16.00
Sno Cone Cups
100 - 6oz. Cups = $7.00
200 - 6oz. Cups = $14.00
Sno Cone Machine
Quart of Syrup = $8.00
(30-40 Servings)

Gallon Ready to Use Syrup = $16.00
(120 Servings)

The Gallon Dispenser (pump) = $2.00
Sno Cone Dispenser, Gallon Jug Syrup and Flavor Options.
Sno Cone Cups
Sno Cone Machine has a built in cup dispenser, sno-cone dipper, and an ice scoop.

This machine offers one of the best safety operations records around.


Flavors include: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Lime and Orange.

No mixing, measuring, or adding sugar these gallons are ready to party!

Sno Cone Cups Cone Shaped.
100 of the 6 oz Cone Cups is $7.00 or (200 for $14.00)
Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy - Flossugar Flavors
$14.00 Each
Cotton Candy Machine
You can select from any of the colorful and great tasting flavors: Blue Raspberry, Pink Vanilla, Grape, Strawberry, Lime, Orange, Pina Colada.
Cotton Candy Flossugar Flavors

Our Cotton Candy Machine produces 4 servings per minute. $14.00 per 1/2 gallon includes: 60 candy cones, 1/2 gallon containers of ready to use floss. (Makes 50-60 servings).

Flavors Available: Blue Raspberry, Pink Vanilla, Grape, Strawberry, Lime, Orange, Pina Colada.

Lock N Go Handle - Stainless Steel Econofloss - With Gold Medal's new patent pending Lock-n-Go handle design. Lock-n-Go machines feature a handle that snaps up and locks the floss head in place, for easy transportation.
Rainbow Slide

Generator 4,000
  Generator 8,000   String - Lights
Drop Cords on Reels
Generator 4,000 watt/6,600 surge
Generator 8,000 watt/13,500 watt surge
String Lights
Drop cord on reel
4,000 watt/6,600 watt surge will run 2 pieces of equipment. 5 gallons of gas will last 10 hours.   8,000 watt/13,500 watt surge will run 6 pieces of equipment. 5 gallons of gas will last 8 hours.   50' and 5 Bulb. Free Delivery with Inflatable. Rents for $10.00.   Free Delivery with Inflatable. Rents for $5.00.
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